Job Opportunities:

We are not currently hiring. However, if you have skills in Telemarketing, Aircraft Sales, delivery cb aviation brokerpilots, A&P’s and IA’s please forward your resume and contact information to We will keep your information on file and contact you when an opening does occur.

Investing in human resources is part of CB Aviation’s career path development strategy; we believe that organizational success is measured on human capitals which are considered a key tool in world’s economical growth and transitions.

At CB Aviation we offer vast opportunities and sustainable growth to each and every individual, we recruit highly qualified and experienced group of specialists in Civil Aviation and Military Air Force Fields.

We bring onboard competitive yet diverse team of pilots, cabin crews, operators, health specialists, technicians, engineers, maintenance experts, IT and security specialists.

Our Expertise

Our highly qualified sales professionals are extremely dedicated individuals operating 24/7 can provide you with complete information on each and every inquiry, live in their geographic region and understand what aircrafts are selling for, what the local customs are, how business works and how best to market your aircraft.