Job Opportunities:

CB Aviation is always looking for qualified individuals with experience including but not limited to sales, avionics, airframe and power plant maintenance to fill positions in our rapidly growing company.  If you want to join the most fun and dynamic company in business aviation, please forward your resume and contact information to

We believe in people and their dreams: Investing in human capital s is an integral part of CB Aviation’s long-term development strategy; we believe that organizational success is measured by investing in the right people to guarantee not only CB Aviation’s continued success but the personal development and growth of its employees.

CB Aviation is passionate about offering opportunities for career growth to each and every member of the CB Aviation family. We are heavily invested in recruiting highly qualified and experienced individuals from Civil and Military Aviation.

Our Expertise

Our highly qualified sales professionals are extremely dedicated individuals operating 24/7 can provide you with complete information on each and every inquiry, live in their geographic region and understand what aircrafts are selling for, what the local customs are, how business works and how best to market your aircraft.