The Craziest Celebrity Private Jets

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Take a good look at the celebrity sphere and private aircraft, and it’s no secret that there’s a great deal of money being thrown around on any given day. Some celebrities have more money than they know what to do with, in which case many end up buying private jets. Celebrity private jets can be some of the craziest aircraft in the world, and most people aren’t shy about showing them off.

While not all celebrities own high-quality private jets, the ones who do attract an immense amount of attention throughout the world as they fly around. To get a better sense of just how crazy celebrity private jets can be, consider the following, all of which are great examples of modern aviation marvels.

Bill Gates’ Bombardier BD-700 Global Express


Bill Gates is well-known as being one of the richest men in the world, so it should stand to reason that the tech giant owns a pretty impressive private jet. His Bombardier BD-700 Global Express is worth an estimated $40 million and boasts the capability of reaching Mach 1 speeds and being able to travel 9,300 km nonstop. For a guy that needs to jet around the world and attend high-level meetings on a regular basis, these are no doubt necessities.


Tom Cruise’s Gulfstream IVGulfstream-IV-exterior

It should come as no surprise that Tom Cruise owns a private jet that merits a second look. His Gulfstream IV is worth around $36 million and can hold 19 passengers while reaching speeds of Mach 0.80. It’s also one of the most stylish jets around, drawing a great deal of attention wherever it lands. Cruise may not be as popular in the media as he once was, but that’s not to say he isn’t still getting looks at this beautiful jet.

Donald Trump’s Boeing 757-23

Donald Trump's 757Of course Donald Trump owns what may be perhaps the most impressive private jet in the world. At just around $100 million, Trump’s Boeing 757-23 is a jet that the vast majority of the world can only dream of owning. Purchased from Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen, the jet features leather armchairs, gold-plated seat belts, crystal lamps and a number of different private rooms. It may indeed be the most luxurious aircraft in the skies, and what less for a man of Trump’s financial position.

Celebrity private jets are nothing if not envy producing, and they’re only becoming more impressive as time goes on.