Cory Bengtzen

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Cory Bengtzen, C.E.O. and founder of CB Aviation, continues to set the standard in the aviation industry for aircraft marketing. “Marketing innovation and our global team are the most sustainable sources of competitive advantage for our business.”

“Our approach to selling and buying airplanes results in a substantially reduced transaction time while we simultaneously work hard to protect owner value.” Cory’s background in automotive sales and finance has provided him with the opportunity to manage large teams involved in all elements of the automotive business from sales to advertising to finance both as a general manager and owner. Many of Cory’s innovative industry best practices are still in place today. As an accomplished multi-engine fixed and rotary wing pilot, Cory’s attraction to aviation resulted in the founding of CB Aviation in 2009. Since that time Cory has built the business into a full service aircraft operation that includes worldwide sales, aircraft acquisition, a full service maintenance and repair facility, and an aircraft delivery business. It was his delivery business that created a unique relationship with the Discovery Channel who came to him several years ago with the idea of an innovative television program called Dangerous Flights.

Cory is now the central character in the program which can be seen worldwide. “I am happy to say that our relationship with The Discovery Channel has provided myself and CB Aviation with excellent brand recognition which is especially beneficial to our clients and us.” Cory is also a graduate of ABAI aircraft brokerage institute. He is also the father of two incredible kids. In addition to aviation, Cory is passionate about all things unique, fast and outdoors.