How to Buy an Aircraft Sight Unseen

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While it’s always preferable to see a large purchase like an aircraft in person, it’s simply not always feasible. The perfect aircraft for you might not be nearby, or it might not be in your schedule to take a flight to the other side of the world to see an aircraft for sale in person. However, if investors can purchase properties sight unseen, the same can certainly be done with an aircraft. First, you need to make sure you’re dealing with a reputable broker like CB Aviation.

It’s the job of an aircraft broker to make the process as simple for you—the buyer—as possible. Certain challenges are sure to arise, but it’s their job to take care of them. Maybe you want a video tour of the aircraft, a Skype conference call to see “in person” who you’re dealing with or a scanned history of maintenance and repairs. These are all common requests and should be easily obliged. If it seems like you’re doing too much leg work, you might want to think twice about the broker.

Sight Unseen Plane Purchase

What Buyers Deserve

Whether you’re buying a helicopter abroad or shopping for a plane across the globe, there are certain things you deserve as a buyer. Your preferences should be catered to, both in terms of how you want to obtain information about the aircraft that interests you (i.e., whether it’s via scanned records, faxes or even snail mail). If you’re looking for a certain type of vintage aircraft or want information on a jet for distance flying, the broker should always have your best interests at heart.

It’s a given that you warrant respect and quick responses when in the market for a new plane. However, you also deserve to be a top priority. Buying an aircraft isn’t like buying a car. It’s a much bigger investment, which means you have more sway when it comes to your tastes. A reputable broker will scour the world in order to find exactly what you want quickly, efficiently and at a reasonable price.

Pinpointing a Reputable Broker

Trust your gut, but also consider testimonials and reviews. “Word of mouth” has become “word of internet reviews,” and those can count for a lot. Consider YouTube or Vimeo videos from the broker, ask around about their reputation and do your homework before delving in too deeply.

This should be an exciting time for you, whether it’s your first aircraft or your twentieth. Each new purchase is a nod to your passion and hobby, so make sure your broker understands and appreciates where you’re coming from. At CB Aviation, we offer a huge selection of aircraft and take pride in our video tours, aircraft information, and unparalleled customer service.