Aircraft Maintenance

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Meet Your New Aircraft Maintenance Team with 100+ Years Experience!

Whether you need an annual inspection, routine maintenance or a nonscheduled rebuild and repair, CB Aviation provides A-to-Z, complete, thorough service for customers with jet, turbo prop or piston aircraft needs, regardless of model or size.

Our Maintenance areas include:

  • Cessna, Piper, Beech, Cirrus, Mooney, Husky, Rockwell, Aero Commander, Grumman, Maule, Bellanca
  • Cessna series 100-400
  • Cessna Citation 500
  • Piper Piston/Turbine Single/Twin
  • King Air series 90’s, 200’s, 350’s and 1900’s
  • Falcon 10/20
  • Lear Jet – 35/45
  • PT-6 series, small, medium, large
  • Heavy and light Maintenance
  • Heavy and light Structural Maintenance
  • Modifications: BLR, Raisbeck, Blackhawk, RAM, Knots2U, LoPresti, and more
  • Inspections: Annual, Phase, Progressive, Conditional
  • Pre-Purchase Evaluations
  • Lycoming/TCM Piston
  • Factory Approved Blackhawk Modifications
  • Eurocopter EC135, EC145 & AS350B

For more information or to schedule an appointment, please contact:

Kerry Shumway – Director of Maintenance at CB Aviation

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