Aircraft Ferrying: What Should You Look for In a Provider?

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Private Plane

Could aircraft ferrying be the solution to finding your dream plane? Many buyers assume that they’re unable to purchase an aircraft they’ve fallen in love with because it’s overseas and the logistics of getting it back to their home airport are overwhelming. In many cases, the buyer is looking at a small aircraft not equipped to make long-distance flights. But experienced aircraft ferrying companies can move any type of plane – from a small Cessna 150 to a Boeing 747 – from location to location. Here are some differentiators to look for when choosing an aircraft ferrying provider.

Experienced pilots:

There are often concerns among buyers that inexperienced pilots are going to be used to move planes. After all, many up and coming pilots accept lower paying positions ferrying planes to rack up hours and get experience flying different models. Instead, choose a professional company that uses experienced ferry pilots. Safe operations, timely delivery, and getting your aircraft to you in the same condition that it left the seller should be the company’s primary focus.

Modern tracking and reporting capabilities:

It’s nerve-wracking to await the delivery of your plane and not know where it is. Any aircraft transport service that you employ should use the latest GPS tracking technologies so that you can see where your aircraft is at any point. There should also be a clear policy of regular status updates, particularly for planes which are undergoing multi-leg transportation journeys.

Updates from the pilot:

When your plane is delivered, you should expect a full report on the aircraft’s performance and the journey involved. Documentation of the flight – including logs and images or videos – should be provided. The pilot should be on-hand to offer you a full walkthrough of the plane, an in-depth overview of how the aircraft’s systems work, and an orientation flight. The hand-off should be comprehensive, giving you full visibility as the client into what transpired during the ferrying and leaving you with full confidence that you can operate the plane.

Creative transport solutions:

Some ferrying projects are straightforward, and simply require an experienced pilot to fly the plane from location A to location B. In those instances, the focus should be on exceptional customer service and on-time delivery. But other projects are more complex. If you’re facing the challenge of moving a plane long distances, working with an established ferrying provider will offer you a range of options including dismantling the plane and shipping by container. No option is impossible – it simply requires creative solutions and the willingness to do the hard work.

Are you interested in purchasing a plane or obtaining professional plane transportation services for a recent or upcoming acquisition? Contact CB Aviation today to discuss all your aircraft ferrying needs.