What to Look for In an Aircraft Broker

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Aircraft Broker

Hiring the right aircraft broker or sales agent means the difference between a quick, profitable sale and your plane languishing on the tarmac and racking up bills. Sellers make the decision to part with their planes for a wide variety of reasons, from financial need to the decision to upgrade to a larger aircraft. But choosing the right broker can be a challenge. It’s important to partner with a company who understands the realities of today’s market, including the importance of the international market buyer dynamics and the latest digital marketing techniques. Here are a few criteria to bear in mind when choosing an aircraft broker for your next plane sale.

The International Realities

With the still somewhat recent recession and the performance of other economies vis-à-vis the dollar, the reality is that some of the biggest markets for personal aircraft are outside North America. Yet many brokers are stuck in times past and aren’t configured to take advantage of that reality. The leading brokers maintain a network of sales agents in hot markets, such as Europe, the Middle East, and Asia. Local sales agents can connect interested buyers in these markets with your plane in mind. Using their relationships, understanding of local culture and knowledge of aviation trends, these local sales agents partner with forward-thinking brokers to market your plane to buyers around the globe. Exposure in multiple markets simultaneously often leads to a faster sale.

The Importance of Digital Marketing

Another trend that’s critically important to bear in mind when choosing an aircraft broker is the importance of digital marketing in the modern buying landscape. In today’s competitive global buying environment, a few snapshots no longer sell a plane. Instead, experienced brokers craft a marketing plan that’s based on creating a highly visual listing with extensive professional high-resolution photographs, a video tour, and handcrafted copywriting designed to sell your plane. Today’s top brokers will invest in the marketing of your plane, while keeping your upfront costs low or non-existent.

Prioritizing Customer Service

Selling a plane is a major endeavor. You’re placing significant trust in the broker you choose to get things done. However, it’s important to remember that customer service should always be a priority concern. During a plane sale, this could mean everything from seller-friendly representation contracts to the availability of staff or management to answer your questions. Once the sale has been made, this is reflected in smooth processing of financial transactions and the safe delivery of your plane to its new owner.

Are you a plane owner who is thinking about selling your aircraft? Contact us today to discuss your unique situation and learn more about why CB Aviation may be the perfect aircraft broker for your transaction.