Why List with CB Aviation


CB Aviation was formed from the perspective of avid aviation enthusiasts. With decades of collective success in the automotive sales industry, we had the unique benefit of reviewing the aircraft sales industry from an outside perspective and seized the opportunity to approach the industry from a fresh perspective. What we realized was that while nobody would doubt the impact of the Internet on global marketing opportunities, we didn’t find any companies singularly devoted to international strategic marketing – which we have strategically identified as our unique selling proposition as the newcomer to the industry.

CB Aviation has a revolutionary new way to market your aircraft. CB Aviation will guarantee that we can sell your aircraft for the maximum price the current global market will allow. CB Aviation also maintains an average days on market of 90 days or less on all our listings by utilizing our 35 full-time, international Sales Managers working around the clock to sell your aircraft.

So why CB Aviation?

There is certainly no shortage of Aircraft Brokerage Firms in today’s current market, many of which still do things the exact same way they did a few years ago. We understand that to sell your aircraft in today’s market you need to do something different. Here are a few reasons why Pilot’s and Owner’s worldwide choose CB Aviation for all their Aircraft needs.

  • Global Marketing Plan (GMP)
    1. Who we market your aircraft to.
  • Marketing Presence
    1. How we make your aircraft stand out from the competition.
  • Accurate Market Pricing
    1. Knowledge of global market activity.

internationalteamREASON 1: Global Marketing Plan (GMP)

In our research, we have found that an increasing number of aircrafts have been sold and exported to countries overseas where the economy is recovering more robustly, especially with the continued weakness of the US Dollar. Instead of the typical Broker here in the US that is only able to advertise your aircraft locally, using our international team we can guarantee immediate global market penetration. This means your aircraft will be in front of more potential buyers, in less time, than any other Brokerage firm is able to do.

We are confident that our international team will maximize our effectiveness as the local talents understands the language, the business environment and the cultural nuances that impact a buyer’s or seller’s approach to the acquisition or disposition process. In addition to using our team we will list your aircraft in over 50 different publications worldwide. But that is just the beginning.

We have now entered the social networking (such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn) in addition to eBay. They have demonstrated to generate solid leads resulting in an offer.

photography_2REASON 2: Marketing Presence

With the average jet costing upwards of $6 million and Turbo prop planes ranging from $2 to $4 million, we felt the pricing levels dictated a much moresophisticated marketing approach, one that would be more akin to how one would market a multi-million dollar, private residence.

Utilizing only the finest in imaging technology, all of our listings are professionally photographed and filmed, allowing us to provide virtual and video tours of the aircraft, including all the engine components. When we film the interior, we stage the imagery, even going so far include food and beverage appropriate to the markets served. This may include a display of sushi and accompanying sake in one culture, or fine cheeses and fine wine in another. We make sure the artwork and accessories are appropriate as well. Every detail is thought through, down to the music that accompanies the video. We film the aircraft while landing, taxiing to parking, and takeoff and then edit this down to a two minute presentation with text highlights of the aircraft streaming across the website feature page. We also provide detailed digital specifications covering all the necessary history and maintenance data expected for such a high end product.

photography_01We want prospective buyers to literally feel the excitement and to personallyexperience the sensation of owning that aircraft. This will ensure that when a perspective buyer views your aircraft listing they will feel comfortable that it is represented appropriately and correctly. With most of our buyers paying for the aircraft in full before they actually see it in person, we have found they are much more comfortable being able to view the video, virtual tour, and high quality photos versus other aircraft with only a few photos.


REASON 3: Accurate Market Pricing

We provide accurate marketing pricing because we are constantly monitoring the international markets, cultures, and regulations which helps us pinpoint the geographic region most likely to generate a buyer for a specific aircraft, which allows us to better focus our marketing budget and efforts.

We also utilize the following tools to determine aircraft values: Aircraft Bluebook Price Digest, appraiselogosNAAA, and Vref Aircraft Value Reference as well as reviewing each major market area with our key members on ourinternational team. We know what part of the world to push it to and what is the highest price the market will bear for a timely sale.

Selling your aircraft quickly will save you from incurring additional depreciation, paying for unnecessary hangar rent, maintenance costs, insurance, etc. CB Aviation’s international team includes 35 Regional Sales Managers. A unique Global Marketing is developed for each aircraft targeted to the specific markets the sales team identifies. Then the listing is linked to over 50 different media channels, including international websites and industry publications. Additionally, monthly email marketing campaigns reach over 40,000 qualified buyers and sellers from around the globe.


Simply put, CB Aviation will expose your aircraft to more potential buyers, in less time than any other Broker in the world. This will allow you to sell your aircraft as quickly as possible, saving you from unnecessary hangar fees and maintenance costs once the decision is made to sell. When determining a price for your aircraft, we will utilize ourinternational team to ensure that we price the aircraft correctly for today’s global market, ensuring that you get an offer in writing quickly and efficiently. When it comes to potential buyers, we will handle all inquiries and negotiations until a written offer is made. Saving you, countless hours of looking through log books to answer questions and following up with each and every opportunity.