Finding Your Next Aircraft

1. Identifying the Aircraft that best fits clients needs based on mission profile, operating cost, desires and purchase budget to determine the best model and vintage of aircraft.

2. Conduct an in-depth market research of all available aircraft including but not limited to: On market, off market, bank repos, lease returns, and inventoried aircraft.

3. Create a short list of aircraft to consider and review with client based on but not limited to Aircraft specification, history, records, status sheet, ect…

4. If desired by client, physically inspect and conduct demo flights of top 3 Aircraft prior to sending out offers.

5. Discuss client’s strategy on but not limited to pre-purchase inspection, inspection cost, delivery location, closing terms, ect….

6. Prepare Letter of Intent (LOI) make offers on selected aircraft with the direction of owner.

7. Negotiate on the behalf of the client on different aircraft until we come to terms on a selected aircraft.

8. Once offer is accept, open an Escrow as to perform a title search and review report with client.

9. Arrange for a visual inspection and demonstration of the Aircraft.

10. Review initial aircraft logs, maintenance tracking sheet, and other documents to prepare a projected const analysis for upcoming maintenance.

11. If not already done, physically inspect the aircraft including test flight and collect photos of aircraft to present to owner.

12. Schedule and work out logistics of Pre-Buy inspection including estimated cost for all inspections and relocation of aircraft for the client.

13. Prepare a formal Aircraft Purchase Agreement for client and/or client’s counsel approval.

14. Present Aircraft Purchase Agreement to seller and/or Seller’s counsel to work through any concerns.

15. Oversee Pre-Purchase inspection including having CB Aviation’s Mechanic review discrepancy list. If directed by owner, travel to pre-purchase facility to inspect aircraft during inspection.

16. Work through the discrepancy list with seller and prepare aircraft acceptance or rejection document.

17. Oversee closing through escrow.

18. Oversee logistics for aircraft acceptance flight and delivery which may include movement of aircraft for delivery for to save our client the payment of unnecessary taxes.